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60-62 Quercia verde,
52 044 -  Cortona (AR)
+39 338 88 32 363


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Our Italian cuisine

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We are both enthusiastic and experienced cooks and prepare an Italian cuisine nuanced by foreign influences. 

Our guests are more than welcome to eat with us and to share meals which, although based on Italian culinary tradition, have an added pinch of Belgian know-how!

The vegetables, fruit and herbs that we use are often from our own (organic) garden, or those of neighbours.

We offer the rare opportunity to take a voyage around Italian cuisine, sampling the very best of Italian regional recipes, without moving from Cortona.

Depending on seasonal availability and personal taste, we can suggest for your delectation:

  • Olive oil with raw or cooked vegetables, pasta or meats, and even used in preparing desserts
  • A large selection of vegetables, raw or cooked, prepared and presented in a variety of ways
  • A host of pasta dishes (the local pici, of course, but also different sorts of ravioli), with a whole range of sauces – herbs, mushrooms, fish …….
    • Food cooked over a wood fire
    • Pizza
    • Charcuterie, fish, tripe, stuffed rabbit or porchetta
  • Local cheeses (pecorini)
  • Local wines, grappa and the unmissable vin santo, found nowhere else
  • And home-made cakes, pastries and bread too ….

    Our half-board guests are served ‘English breakfast’:  eggs, bacon, charcuterie, cheese, ricotta ….. amply sufficient to provide the energy for a full day’s excursions ……….