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60-62 Quercia verde,
52 044 -  Cortona (AR)
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Tuscan cuisine

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Tuscany has a well-deserved reputation for its natural, simple and delicious cuisine. 

The key lies in retaining the natural taste of the ingredients rather than disguising their flavour with sophisticated sauces. 

Mouth-watering charcuterie and grills served with simple vegetables, the flavour heightened by the piquant and tangy Tuscan olive oil. 

And, of course, let’s not forget those delectable pasta dishes ……

Each Tuscan city has its own particular way of cooking, its own specialities, and the differences are sometimes extremely subtle:  the pici you will be served in Cortona are different from those you will be given in Montepulciano -- and from anywhere else, for that matter.

And we also add our own certain subtle je ne sais quoi when we prepare pici and other Italian specialities.  You are cordially invited to come and eat with us to find out what that difference is!