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Luca Signorelli (1450 - 1523)

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Sans titre - 9.JPG (157493 octets)Signorelli  was born and died in Cortona (about 1450 to 1523).

A pupil of Piero della Francesca and a forerunner of Michelangelo, he is considered to be the last great Tuscan fresco painter.  +--

He studied anatomy in order to perfect his representation of the human form.

Three of his major works are on show at the Cortona Diocesan Museum:  the Last Supper, a Virgin and Child with Saints and an impressive Descent from the Cross in which Signorelli gave Christ the face of his son, dead of the plague.

The town of Orvieto holds many of Signorelli’s most important works (frescoes of the Last Judgment at the cathedral), with others at the Monte Oliveto Maggiore abbey (Siena), in Rome (Sixtine Chapel), Florence (Uffizi and Hornes Museum) and at Loretta.