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The Etruscans

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Cortona was one of the 12 towns of the Etruscan League and still stands within its great defensive city walls (2.5kms long).  

A number of fascinating Etruscan remains can be visited:  a gateway, the Melone I tomb, an altar discovered in 1992 and guarded by a pair of magnificent lions (Melone II), a chamber tomb known as the ‘Cave of Pythagoras’ and, of course, the treasures housed in the Museum of the Etruscan Academy, in particular the famous, elaborately-decorated bronze lamp.
Few examples of Etruscan text of any length have ever been found, however, in 1995 the Tabula Cortonensis was discovered.  It is a contract about 40 lines long, written on a double-sided bronze tablet, about 7/8ths of which remain.  After having been exhibited around the world, the tablet will be returned to Cortona and will become part of the Etruscan Academy collection.

All the Etruscan finds are to be gathered together in one archaeological site close to Cortona, which is currently being prepared.

Each of the sites can easily be visited on foot from the house as they all lie within 4kms.