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Help run the estate

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We invite you to come and share our daily life and enjoy an active, invigorating, healthy working holiday helping us to restore and maintain the estate – with lots of time left over to explore the region, go swimming, walking, or… just dolce farniente the Tuscan way!

There are tasks to be carried out in and around the olive groves every day of the year:  

Winter - prune the olive trees, treat the ensuing cuts, burn the cut branches, clear round the trees that are still surrounded by gorse and brambles (our olive groves were abandoned for more than 30 years), reinstate the irrigation system - or even maintain the unsurfaced roads.  

Spring - prune the suckers and unwanted shoots from the base of the trees, clear the terraces, make bonfires

Summer and Autumn - suckers and shoots continue to be pruned:  plantations also need to be prepared

All year - keep down the undergrowth, clean and, where necessary, restore the terrace walls

November and December – are reserved for picking.

But there’s lots more that needs doing in order to keep the estate running:

  • The donkeys (who keep the undergrowth down and fertilize the soil) need caring for
  • There are wild asparagus, fennel seeds, lime-blossoms, verbena, apricots, peaches, plums, blackberries, figs, almonds and walnuts to be gathered and conserved
  • The kitchen garden and fruit trees need looking after
  • There is wood to be cut, sawn into logs and stacked 
    • Fences have to be checked, mended, erected….

Come and help us.  In exchange for just 4 hours work per day and a small contribution towards our costs, we will provide full board and lodging (usually double rooms) and we will also organise excursions of your choice, we will introduce you to the Tuscan way of life …..!  

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This holiday formula is available throughout the year except during the olive picking period (end October to beginning December). 

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